The Short Story…

Here’s a small recap of my journey here.

I’ve been attracted to entrepreneurship for as long as I can remember. I got involved in the MLM stuff very early, like around 19. I followed everything I was told to do.

  • List of everyone in the world
  • call them
  • ask them for other peoples phone numbers
  • bunch of fun stuff…

Needless to say I struggled and finally quit…the usual.

After that I spent most of my time trying to reinvent the wheel. I just always believed there had to be an easier way to make a living on the internet. There was always a new success story of people just like me finally making it work, some living in my same city who, sorry to say, weren’t all that bright.

Needless to say, the “easier way” didn’t work either. I just didn’t feel completely ethical and the people who were following these black hat methods would disappear for about 5-6 months and then come back with a new twist (scam) asking you to shell out another $500-$2K.

After failing and getting back up about a dozen times I started focusing all my attention on actually learning Internet Marketing and online branding. I became involved with a training program called “MLM Traffic Formula 2.0” by Mike Dillard (today, it’s considered a classic) and began seeing some successes with a few affiliate programs. Never made good until I focused entirely on dominating SEO and keyword research.

It definitely takes a lot of effort to ignore a lot of the flashy and colorful new deals thrown at you and keep from getting distracted. The internet is so volatile and you’ll literally see a new business opportunity come on the scene that “guarantees” you’ll be a celebrity in 7 days almost every single day. I was able to learn how to keep my attention laser-focused on only one thing: being awesome at SEO and Blogging.

That’s the midas touch. Once you know how to get people on a blog or any website with just your words (and some sincerity) you can build any home business, MLM, or affiliate program and dominate internet marketing.

I’m definitely still in the learning process but making huge wins everyday.

If you’re reading this you’re probably at the point where you’re ready to get serious about this internet stuff. If so, here’s your open door.