Mastering On-page SEO With SEOPressor

SEOPressor has has always been my secret sauce when I do my blogging. It’s just like having an SEO professional telling you exactly what to do to your blog to make it perfect for the search engines.

You may look at some blogs (…like this one) and think “wow, this guy knows his stuff!” But you’ll never know what tools are being used in the background to make marketing much easier.

What Does SEOPressor Do?

So what does it do and why do would you like to use it? If you’re looking to make money blogging the whole point is to get your posts or pages to the top of Google results for a term people are searching for called keywords.

Search engines like Google and Bing stay in business because they serve relevant content and information when someone goes on there and hits search. So what they do is they rate all the websites (blog posts and pages are considered separate websites to search engines) by how relevant it is.

But, obviously, it’s not actual people who are doing this website rating. They use certain measures to decide how relevant a website is. This can be how many times a keyword is mentioned in the post, how many people have shared a page on social media, and – very important – meta information (meta means data about data).

So the goal is to optimize a website so that the search engine crawlers (programs that measure a website’s relevancy) views your page as valuable information to serve to consumers.

What SEOPressor does is, instead of you doing it all the optimization on your own, it tells you exactly what your post needs to be viewed as important by the search engines. SEOPressor will tell you when your post is under-optimized and over-optimized, Where to put h1 or h2 headers, what to bold or italicize, how to edit pictures and videos, etc.

SEOPressor Tells You What Google Wants

All of this could kinda be considered black-hat marketing. Technically you’re not supposed to make your websites look like you’re trying to rank. Google wants to see that you’re sharing value, not trying to make money.

So they’re looking for good content that shares value but doesn’t look like it’s intentionally trying to get traffic from search engines. SEOPressor was built by internet marketers for internet marketers so they’re taken that into full consideration.

How Much Does SEOPressor Cost Me?

You’d think that something like this would cost at least $100 a month or more. Just hiring an SEO guru alone would cost thousands. SEOPressor Connect is ridiculously $9 a month.

Here’s a awesome video about SEOPressor Connect that explains why you need SEOPressor Connect if you’re going to blog. And if you think it’s something you’ll benefit from read their website here.