Motor Club Of America | Can It Really Be Considered MLM?

motor club of americaI must confess. When I first heard of Motor Club Of America I thought it was garbage. I thought it wouldn’t last 3 months in the industry.

Who would ever think that selling motor vehicle club would actually work in the MLM world? Not me. But, truth be told, they’ve passed the test of time with flying colors.

What Is Motor Club Of America?

Surprisingly, MCA has been around since the 1920’s. Back then it was only a club where you’d get a discount on roadside assistance. Kinda like AAA but better.

These days, Motor Club Of America is listed as a national MLM family home business which provides a membership that gets you discount benefits to roadside assistance, vision, emergency hospital stays, and even bail bonds.

Being a network marketing company they also pay out referral commissions when you bring new members into the club. To be a member of the club it’s $9.95 or $19.95 per month which gets you over $150,000 worth of benefits and covers basically every mishap.

Their member-base goes upwards of 7 million members which to me is unheard of. This tells me that there are way more people using the products as customers than just owning the product for the make money part. This seems to be their secret to the huge memberships.

The Motor Club Of America Product Suite

MCA has 4 levels of their club membership. Each level consists of multiple benefits from roadside assistance and stolen vehicle reward to credit card protection and daily hospital stay discounts. A lot of their products sound very much like insurance to me. And I wouldn’t be surprised if after you’ve paid monthly for these benefits, when something actually happens, they pull out all the fine print and technicalities to avoid paying what they’ve promised.

Motor Club Of America, MCA BenefitsEach of the benefits packages are broken down into 4 membership levels:

1. Security which is $9.99 per month. This includes all of their basic benefits and requires paying the first and last months of membership (hmm, that’s weird)

2. Total Security which is $19.99 per month. This membership includes everything from Security but also throws in up to 100 miles of towing per service call, Accident AD&D coverage, and the opportunity to earn $80 per person you refer (ahh, that’s where your first and last payment goes!) And yes, you also have to pay first and last month membership upfront.

Total Security Gold & Platinum are not mentioned on the company website but they contain additional benefits mentioned only to members of the first 2 levels. My guess is that they’re just enhancements to the Total Security program, though other websites I researched claimed them as separate benefits plans.

How The Motor Club Of America Compensation Plan Works

It’s actually pretty simple. Being an MLM company you’d think it would have all the confusing charts, graphs and weird formulas to figure compensation planout your payment but that’s not the case with MCA. For every person you bring into Motor Club Of America you get paid $80.

The member is only paying $40 (first and last month) when they joined. This reminds me of Prepaid Legal Services and their upfront commission plan.

What they would do is pay the distributor one year of commissions up front. You’d actually be paid this and would be able to spend it. But technically, you hadn’t earned it until the member stayed for that long.

So, guess what would happen if that member suddenly cancels their membership before the year was over.

Exactly, a charge-back on your account with them.

My suspicion is that if you cancel your membership with MCA they’ll also charge you a hefty cancellation fee, where they got the other $40 they just paid you, the sponsor.

You also get paid $6 for every person your members signs up with the club. It really looks more to me like a 2-tiered affiliate program than an actual MLM but that’s how it’s promoted.

I don’t see the sense in being associated with network marketing if you’re not. Many definite MLM companies have tried to distance themselves from the industry.

In A Nutshell…

Motor Club Of America has got it right. A simple membership program for vehicles with a simple compensation plan. It sounds like an easy sell to me if you’re a driver who wants a little extra protection while earning some cash telling others about it.

MCA has been around for ages so it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere and with the simple comp plan it’s also not going to get old any time soon. The one problem I have is that there’s no mention of monthly residual payments. So if I sign up 3 members this month I’ll make $240 but what about month 2, 3 and 4?

If I’m going to put the effort of getting people into the club I’d like to have some passive income as well. I can always just put that effort into another program that does pay me each and every month.

If you’re a member of Motor Club Of America you’ve probably already figured out that talking to people you know may not be the most productive way to promote the MCA benefits.

Eventually, you’ll have to find additional ways to help get your business in front of more people. The truth is success in any business opportunity is a numbers game. The more people that you can show your MCA presentation to the more sign ups you’ll get.

Unfortunately, most marketing strategies can kill a credit card balance fast, especially if you don’t know the basics. If you’d like to learn a simple way to get more leads to see your Motor Club Of America business take a look at this free video training.